• Benefits
  • Quality over quantity
  • The quality of slots is classic as well as modern
  • The 'instant play' option as well as download
  • The support of Windows as well as Mac
  • The support of mobile devices
  • For devices:
  • PC,
  • MAC,
  • Linux,
  • iPhone,
  • Mobil - Android,
  • Tablet - Android,
  • Tablet - Windows,
  • iPad


Its their approach to the development of new slots, by which the relatively new Xatronic company differs from its rivals, and so they achieved something new and entertaining which can be found in their products by players. Let's introduce this ambitious Austrian feat a bit.

Creative newcomers in the domain of gambling

Xatronic is rather a new company which started in the field of VLTs, but after that, they started making slots for online casinos, too. By making conveniences for their employees, where the creative mathematicians and game designers work hand-in-hand, they have a big potential to create game goodies which players fall in love with.

Despite the fact that Xatronic has worked in this business nearly for two years only, they have still made a huge progress in the domain of slots. They still can't offer tons of games, however, the ones who are finished are really worth it. In a company, where quality is the priority number one,  you can get only what's best.


Xatronic offers these slot games, for instance

  • Slots - Lucky Pearl, Hot Factor, Joker Plus II, Submarine Slot


Slots with modern as well as classic graphics

Most slots from this company's workshop have been made in style of classic slots. However, even here, you can find a few pieces with a modern 3D graphics. All slots have in common that the graphics looks very neat and the game progress is not disturbed by anything. We can play 3-reel as well as 5-reel slots, where there are also bonuses in the form of a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol or a 'multiplier'.


Supporting both well-known OS and mobile casino

You can play on both Windows and Mac operating systems without any problems and, regarding the support of mobile devices, not even here does Xatronic stay behind and it copes with Android and iOS well, too. Speaking about arrangement, all slots are on a high level and we can find there classic slot graphics as well as modern graphics. The Xatronic company gives its players a choice - whether they want to play in a so-called 'instant play' or make use of the option to download the game onto their computer. Every game from their workshop offers an option to play a free game and as soon as players get confident, they can start playing for real money.


Well-established casino slots and appealing innovations

This young company has to go a long way before they reach the top positions of this business. However, even during their short activity, they have already managed to strongly declare that they really mean it with their products. Let's sum up the advantages once again, which are related to playing with Xatronic.


  • Quality before quantity
  • Slot graphics both classic and modern
  • The 'instant play' option as well as download
  • The support of both Windows and Mac
  • The support of mobile devices