• Benefits
  • A very experienced company, more than twenty years of existence
  • More than 70 games
  • Licensed games
  • A massive progressive jackpot
  • The 'instant play' function
  • For devices:
  • PC,
  • MAC,
  • Linux,
  • iPhone,
  • Mobil - Android,
  • Tablet - Android,
  • Tablet - Windows,
  • iPad


Not many companies can boast such amount of experience as WagerWorks. The experience which they have collected for tens of years of their existence have been used well in the field of online gamble, where plenty of people like their products. The slots, the card games as well as board games, that all is in this company's repertoire, which prefers quality over quantity and that is very obvious in their creations.

Play whatever you like, WagerWorks will provide it all

The WagerWorks company was originally a subsidiary company of the Silicon Gaming giant, which is dominant regarding classic slots. In year 2005, the Silicon Gaming company was taken by IGT (International Game Technology) and that's what made WagerWorks an independent project which specializes in online game software. It is very likely that WagerWorks is the only provider of online software which has its roots in corporeal slot machines.

You can play:

  • Slots–3-reels, Multicoin, Multiline,
  • Poker-Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker, Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Hi Lo
  • Black Jack–Classic, Power
  • Keno
  • Match 3
  • Roullete


Don't attach yourself only to slots

The Wagerworks developers really got into nearly every branch of gambling and we can play card games as well as board games and the slot games are a matter-of-course. All in all, WagerWorks offers more than 70 games in their repertoire and the most popular are, undoubtedly, the slots with a theme licence. The names like Battleship, Cluedo, Elvis or Monopoly are just a small selection of what this company is able to offer. The games can boast an amazing sound and graphic effects which are also on the top level. Although WagerWorks don't produce so many games as some of their competitors, it doesn't change anything about the fact that with every new game, we see some innovation. It was the same with, for example, their new game, Three Wheel Roulette.

It's based on a roulette which comes with three centered rotating wheels. This feat from their workshop offers three times more fun to the player than in a classic roulette and also a much higher chance to win. In every round, three winning numbers are spinned out and, according to the success in guessing the numbers, the players is paid the winnings. The game boasts a fast pace and a great dose of adrenaline coming with every round. 

Furthermore, we need to emphasize the fact that WagerWorks offer the highest initial amount in progressive jackpot in the whole game industry. The progressive jackpot is included in a total of three games and as soon as a fortunate winner wins on any of these slots, the progressive jackpot re-sets itself on an amount of the incredible 1,5 million pounds. What follows from it is that the minimum paid-out amount from progressive jackpot is the very 1,5 million pounds.

Don't download stuff, just play now

For a player to play any of these games, they don't have to download any software and they can start playing in the very web browser. This function is called 'instant play' and, although a lay player might have the feeling that the games must lose some quality, it's not the case - nor in graphics, nor in sound - and they don't differ from the games that are downloaded on computers. The support of Windows and Mac is ensured as well as the support of mobile devices.

A great function which is offered in the games of this company is the possibility which enables you to choose the graphic quality. Technically speaking, the players with a slower internet connection choose a worse graphics but they increase the fluency of animations and the overall impression of the game appears much purer. The fortunate ones with a fast internet connection don't have to worry about any of these things and they can enjoy the game in full detail, without any twitches or failures.

Another functions which are endowed with the WagerWorks slots are a standard nowadays, but it's still good to mention them. It is, for example, the possibility of a free play or switching the sound on and off.

The advantages of WagerWorks

  • A very experienced company, more than twenty years of existence
  • More than 70 games
  • Licensed games
  • A massive progressive jackpot
  • The 'instant play' function
  • The option to play on mobile devices


We wish you lots of fun.

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