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The Genesis Gaming company are really creative. Explore original slots which can be found nowhere else. The unique game topics, the pace and the gameplay in general will pull you right into the game.

The modern innovations, as provided by Genesis Gaming, are becoming a standard and thanks to this fact, the games by this company have reached the respectable number of 150 and are provided by online casinos all around the world. What makes the online game provider so specific is their approach towards the players themselves. The games full of exaggeration and humour will be popular not only among slot gamers but also by all occasional players. The game for money as well as ordinary fun can be savoured fully and entirely when provided by Genesis Gaming.

Multiple winnings on the Machine Gun Unicorn slot

And namely with their TOP game - Machine Gun Unicorn, Genesis Gaming hit the black spot. It's about an original 5-reel slot in which there's a unicorn with a cannon instead of a horn. The bizarre mix is topped up by a perfect animated graphics, including exploding symbols, zombies (because the world of unicorns has been taken over by plenty of zombies...) and more features which will pull you into the game. The explosions give a rapid course to the game and apart from the game experience, you'll also enjoy the visual one.

The game supports multiple winnings. Apart from the basic symbols of ponies and unicorns, you can also spin out special bonuses such as the unicorn's Machine Gun, which destroys the zombie symbols. The piece, therefore, offers you 2 wins at one time after one spin. The quality of Genesis Gaming is also demonstrated by the Global Gaming Awards prize from year 2016 and a nomination for Game to Watch 2015 prize.  

An intuitive user interface and the function of auto game mode

Another unifying element of the Genesis games is an intuitive user interface. On the bottom of the desktop, you can find a well-arranged panel which makes the game easy at maximum. Set the bets and go for the game. Thanks to the auto game mode function, you won't have to worry about anything anymore. Watch the spinning reels and rising winnings. Gain, thanks to bonuses, multiple winnings or free spins and enjoy another dose of excitement.

Be mobile

The games are primarily intended to be played in a web browser. Therefore, a PC or laptop with an internet connection and a web browser are enough for playing. Apart from Flash Player, the progressive HTML5 format is also supported, which enables the transition of games onto social platforms and massive gaming wherever you want. The games can be run also on portable platforms, such as mobile phones or tablets. Bring your favourite games anywhere with you and play anytime you want.

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Casinos with the developer Genesis Gaming