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  • Age-old experience
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  • The support of mobile casino on a wide range of OS
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With the experience gained after more than 80 years, the Bally Technologies company has been vary-well known to players all around the world. The company which creates its games based on what the players wish for and then provides them on a wide range of operating systems, including OS for BlackBerry mobile phones, is surely a good choice.

The professional in both real and online casinos

Bally Technologies was founded in year 1932 in the United States of America by Raymond Moloney. The company was first focused on the creation of pinball and an iconic product from their workshop can be for example pinboll bearing the title of Ballyhool. As the time advanced, they focused on developing slot machines, too, and thanks to their experience it's no surprise that they themselves started to be a good competitor very quickly. Maybe it was thanks to the fact that everything was conducted by Bally Technologies, and that was from the very first design of a slot machine till its final distribution. Its absolute domination and success was confirmed, too, by getting on the New York stock market as the very first gaming company in year 1975. 

After their success in the field of real casinos it was clear that they would set to conquer the online ones as well, and so they did. Bally Technologies can boast an iGaming solutions platform which is an online gaming platform and also Remote Gaming Server (RGS), through which the operators can provide a top content by the Bally Technologies to online casinos.

Play for instance:

  • Poker
  • Slots
  • Board games
  • Bingo

Slots with a age-old tradition

These days, the Bally Technologies company doesn't focus only on slots, as it was in the past, but they also provide a wide range of games to the players. However, slots were and still are the field in which they have been operating for the longest time, and therefore, it is suitable to revive some of them here.

If you fancy visiting ancient civilisations and at the same time, winning interesting sums of money, then try your luck on 'Mayan Treasures' slot. A graphically very well-made five-reel slot, which offers up to 40 winning combinations, boasts, apart from other things, bonuses in the form of free spins and Wild symbols, which multiply the winnings three times. The 'Cash wizard' magical slot will not only catch your attention with its atmosphere, but also entertain you. Throughout the whole game, you will be accompanied by a tiny, lovely wizard and of course, there are also bonuses in a form of free spins, jackpot and also the Wild symbol.

Top-class slots and a mobile casino

Whether you'd like to have some rest and to relax while playing or you expect a game full of action and adventure, Bally Technologies provide you with both. The top-class arrangement of all games by this company is a matter of course and the pleasant user interface only adds to the feeling of quality. In every game, the player can, for example, choose their bet limits or read all particular rules and amendments in a well-arranged way. Furthermore, there's also an option to play for free, which may be appreciated mainly by novices. Online slots from their workshop often get inspired by their real counterparts and that's by no means amiss. They keep everything which is loved by the gamers in real casinos while a few innovations are added, too. The graphics stays on a top level and the sound accompaniment doesn't stay behind either.

The support of mobile casino for iOS and Android operating systems is, when it comes to giants like Bally Technologies, a matter of course. What is not so natural anymore, is the fact that this company has decided to go one step further and they enabled playing their games also on the BlackBerry operating system. 

Why play with Bally Technologies

  • Age-old experience
  • Graphics and sound on a top level
  • Very pleasant user interface
  • The support of mobile casino on a wide range of OS
  • The support of games both on Windows and Mac

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