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'Ash Gaming? What's that?' This can exactly be the reaction of an individual who hears abour Ash Gaming for the first time. However, as soon as they find out that this company is conducted by Playtech, an online casino giant, their jaws usually drop down. Don't stay among those who have never heard about Ash Gaming and let us introduce this ambitious project to you right now.

Don't limit yourself just on slots

Ash Gaming is a company which focuses on developing casino games online with its base in the UK, which has been a part of this business since year 2000. The development of VLTs of the new generation is a trend of which Ash Gaming was a significant part. As soon as we dive into their game offer, we immediately find out that they offer a great dose of creativity and mostly innovation, too. Ash Gaming, however, hasn't stopped only by online slots and has spread its game range to online poker, online board games and games with an immediate win.

The Ash Gaming developer team is fully focused on the creation of interactive betting games for online players and so they put the effort into covering all available platforms.

You can play:

  • Slots online
  • Poker online
  • Instant-win games 

Fabulous casino slots, dreamy winnings

Ash Gaming is quite a small company, but that doesn't hold them back from creating top-class games which often outshine even much bigger competitors. Let's introduce them for example in 'Adventures in Wonderland', a slot coming from their workshop.

Adventures in Wonderland

As you've maybe guessed from the title, the game takes place in an environment which has been borrowed from the classic Alice in Wonderland. It is played on five reels and there is a possibility to choose from 20 winning lines. The slots stays faithful to its original and therefore, we will find here for example a symbol of a watch which rewards the player with twenty free spins, or a symbol of The Mad Hatter, which gives the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot. You will find a bunch of well-known characters in the game and of course, the Alice alone mustn't be omitted either, who represents the wild card. The whole game is played in the browser without the need to install anything before starting to play, which is a big advantage. A matter of course is the support of both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Why play Ash Gaming

Ash Gaming is the guarantee of quality and this is proven by the company's politics which ensures a very high accuracy of final products. As far as graphics and thematics are concerned, the games are usually set up in a fairy-tale environment, so the graphics itself doesn't lack colourful schemes and the symbols are inspired by magic items. The games themselves are well-arranged, well-processed and very understandable even for a lay player. Throughout its quite short existence, they have build a nice base of players which won't hear a word against their games. Are you going to become one of them?

The main advantages

If you so far haven't been convinced by any reason why you should try the games by Ash Gaming, we will try recapitulating them for you once again:

- Ash Gaming is conducted by a giant on the marked, the Playtech company

- Within their relatively short activity, they have managed to attract immense numbers of players, thanks to their quality and game processing

  • Slots
  • Online poker
  • Online board games
  • Instant-win games
  • Multiplatform support
  • No need to install anything, everything in a browser


We wish you a lot of pleasant experiences! 


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