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Do you know what results from the combination of a favourite card game and slots? Video Poker, of course. A simple and fast game which trains your knowledge of winning combinations. The biggest advantage of Video Poker online is an almost hundred-percent deposit payback ratio. That's worth it!



Poker on the one-armed bandit

In a nutshell, the game was created by modifying draw poker which has a lot of advantages for online players. You play one against one, nobody can cheat and the casino has one of the lowest house edge. Just beware of the winning combinations. They differ from the ones you know, for instance, from Texas Hold'em Poker but also from the ones in various other types of Video Poker.


Game combinations of video poker - an example

Lined from the highest one:


  • Wild royal flush (10 to ace, including the wild card)
  • Royal flush (10 to ace)
  • Straight flush (a colour flush)
  • Colour (five cards of any value in one colour)
  • Five of a kind (four of the same value + wild card)
  • Four of a kind (four cards of the same value)
  • Three of a kind (three cards of the same value)
  • Two pairs (two pairs of cards of the same value)
  • Kings and the better (king or ace)
  • Jack and the better (a pair of jacks or higher)

Summary to Video Poker

Even though the rules of Video Poker online can appear simple, you mustn't underestimate the game. The perfect knowledge of winning combinations is the minimum. You can train for example in Texas Hold'em Poker.

Rules of video poker briefly

First of all, you have to deposit some money, from which you will take the particular bets. Then, you can bet (from 25 cents up to 5 dollars) and start the game, pressing the Deal Draw button (hand out the cards).

5 cards will be shown to you. If you don't create a combination from them immediately, you can change some of them. This is done by marking the cards that you want to keep (Hold) and by pressing Deal Draw with which you change the unmarked cards. If you are holding a winning combination, you win. If not, you lose the bet amount.

Video Poker game strategy

  1. Choose a slot with the highest payback ratio
  2. Read about the rules, the combinations and the payout ratio carefully
  3. Don't be afraid to place bets. The higher payout ratio or even jackpot comes with higher bets.
  4. Stick to the best poker combination possible

More detailed strategy manuals have to be read depending on the particular game.