Game types / Sports bets

You like sport, but you are fond of it only theoretically or as a fajn? And do you know that you can make a living on it that way, too? No? Than dive with us into the world of online sports bets, which can simply develop from your hobby into the main source of income.


What are sports bets?

This term can be defined easily as a bet between the customer and the company, in this case it is an online casino or game room which accepts this bet. If the betting player's prediction is true, his deposit is given back, increased by the amount based on the given rate. These rates are determined and counted beforehand by the bookmakers of the given companies.

The advantages of online sports bets

This type of sports betting brings a bunch of unquestionable advantages. In online environment, you don't have to pay manipulation fees which are charged in real betting offices. You usually get a first deposit bonus after the registration and you can bet from home 24 hours, 7 days a week. The bet amount is limited neither by a maximum nor minimum, and so it's only up to you, how much you deposit into the game. Most online casinos now offer the option of a so-called Live Betting, where you can wager on a match which is already running, where the rate changes dynamically, based on the game progress.

Try modern Live bets

Modern casinos offer, apart from playing games for money online, an option of Live bets. In short, it's betting on sports matches in real time, where the rate changes dynamically, based on the bets of other players. This way you can take part in the game actively, watch the score of your favourite team and make deposits according to the game progress. Moreover, you don't pay any manipulation fees and you control everything from your computer or mobile phone. Live betting, as well as mobile betting, are both offer by giants such as bet365 or the Mr Green casino.

The principle of sports bets

Online sports betting belongs among the most popular ways to bet ever, and that's mainly because of its simplicity and a very high change to win. It's the easiest way ever to combine bets. Players can wager on any number of sports matches or events and choose their preference on which they bet (win, tie, score difference). On the basis of this preference, the win rate is determined. If players bet on more sports events at once, then the final win rate is determined by multiplying all the particular bets.

A practical example

Let us give you a specific example. Let's say that we bet on a hockey match of Pardubice - Vsetín. For this match, there is this rate. Tip 1 (the win of the home team - Pardubice) with the rate of 1,5, tip 2 (the win of the guest team - Vsetín) with the rate of 4,1 and tip 0 (a tie) with the rate of 4,5. If you wager 20 dollars on the win of the home team, you get back 30 dollars if they really win. If they don't, you lose your whole deposit. Most of the time, you can also make use of so-called double bets. Tip 10 means the win of the home team or a tie, tip 02 means a tie or the win of the guest team.

A tip for beginners

If you are beginning with this type of online betting, then you should beware of the particular rates and the number of betting slips when you create your own schedule. It can easily happen that your betting slip, with a bad combination, becomes a waste of money.

The process of winning a sports bet

In this type of betting, you must have on your mind more than ever that information is the key to success. If a player is familiar with statistics and the history of their team's wins, they have a high chance to win. It is imporant to know the factors that affect the team's performance (environment, weather) or the current fitness of the players. If you, before you bet, focus on your team and get all the information you need, then you can't lose.