Game types / Online slots

Online slots are simple, easy to understand and they offer high winnings. It is possible to play slots at home. The only thing you need to know are rules and basic tips and strategies how to play well and successfully.



Online slot

It's an online version of common video lottery terminals (known as VLT) which appear in real casinos. 

Online slots work in an online environment of a particular online casino. The basic principle is to bet a certain financial amount on a given gaming round and a particular winning line. The game progress itself and maybe the winning amount are determined by a particular type of slot. The advantage is that, apart from slots on money, there are also free slots which offer a no deposit free trial.

Types of online slots

Online slots are divided into a few basic types. The main division is based on the number of reels and the way the winnings are paid out.

Slots, based on the number of reels, are divided into:

  • 3-reel online slots - classic slots, a modern prototype of common VLTs on the internet, made suitable for online gaming
  • 4-reel slots - 4 reels and more payout lines
  • 5-reel slots - 5 reels and the largest number of payout lines

There are also special "fruit slots", which is an English version of classic slot machines with typical pictures of fruits. Jackpot slots promise a chance of winning large amounts on a relatively small deposit.

Slots, based on the type of payout, are divided into:

  • Multiplier - suitable for low-deposit gaming
  • Bonus Multiplier - gaming with the highest bet possible is rewarded with a bonus
  • Multiple Payline - the winning amount depends on the bet amount and the number of winning lines
  • Buy a Pay - slots which have a various payout amount based on the bet given.
  • Progressive Slots - based on progressive jackpot, which gets higher along with the number of games lost.


The advantages of online slots

The advantage of online slots is that you don't have to wait for anything and you play whenever you want. The payout ratio is often much higher than on classic slot machines. The most important thing is to choose the best online slot.

Among favourite online slots, there is the Joker 27 slot, the 5-reel Rocky slot is also popular. High win amounts are promised by the Halloween King online slot.

Online slots for free

 When playing online slots, you stake on winning lines. It is important to check if it's true that the higher the bet amount is, the lower is the potencial win. After the bet, you can see the multiples you can reach after the win. When playing slots with progressive jackpot, it's true that if you want to win the whole jackpot, you have to bet the highest amount.

You can choose a few various strategies during the game. Basically, it's recommended to choose the strategy which corresponds to your financial abilities and which is convenient for you. You can get inspired by winning strategies such as Martingale, Lucky 5 System or 2+ System, which are used in roulette. The advice on how to win money on slots can also be of use.