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Everybody knows scratchcards. From lottery stalls, petrol stations or self-service shops. A game which is so popular thanks to its accessibility, low expenses and simplicity. To play scratchcards, you don't need to know any complicated rules, game strategies or to study detailed how-tos. You just come at the till, buy a scratchcard and try your luck. Now you can even play scratchcards online and for free!



If it's still too much for you or you don't have any possibility where you can buy scratchcards, we have a simple solution for you. Come and visit our online casino with us, and play completely free scratchcards and with no limits! This way you don't have to worry about your savings and you can enjoy this entertainment from home. But first, let's get more familiar with the game.

The history of the scratchcard game

If we look back and search for the history of this very popular game, we will find out that scratchcards had not always been so highly requested a thing, as you may think. That was caused mainly by the fact that the time needed to process the result was in an extent of days or weeks in the past.

In year 1974, however, John Koza and Daniel Bower decided to introduce lottery cards to the world. Koza, as a computer specialist, developed a system which randomized the result and Bower then gave the cards their design and visual attractivity. The first type of scratchcards got the name "Instant game" and became a hit.

Later on, scratchcards became a method to provide an income to the government and in Massachusetts, they were used as fundraising. This trend is present even today and the distribution of scratchcards and taxes related to it are still one of the incomes to state treasury which is not to be omitted.

How to play scratchcards

Online scratchcards are a great alternative for everybody who don't really like any complicated games. The playing is very easy and intuitive. Moreover, there is no limit for the game and there's no registration required, so that you can play for as long as you want.

The game itself is then controlled only by using a mouse or a touchpad. First you choose the bet amount and then you wait till the scratchcard appears. Most online scratchcards get scratched automatically, but you can also come across games where it will be needed to scratch the cards manually. The game result can be seen in a moment and without waiting, so that you can decide immediately whether you want to continue playing or not.

How to win on scratchcards

Online scratchcards are a very easy game. Still, it's good to know a few basic facts which will certainly help you win. The most important thing is to always know the rules of the particular game. In some online casinos, you get the winnings after the discovery of the given symbol, in some of them it's necessary to find a threesome of the same symbols. It's also important to know that the winnings - Jackpot - gets increased and gets closer with the rising number of unsuccessful games. The scratchcards are generated by chance among the players currently playing and so it's good to choose the right time for playing, so that you increase your chance to win.