Game types / Online Roulette

Red, black and green, that's the gambling queen - Roulette. And of course, it musn't be without the small ball bouncing on the wheel and without a pile of tokens from the brave players. How the roulette online is played and what systems and bet strategies there are, can be found right here.



How to play Roulette but not the Russian one

Its name comes from the French word roulette which can be translated as small wheel. The first reference to it comes from Paris from year 1796. The Roulette used to be without zero then. The zero was added in year 1843 by François and Louis Blanc. At that time, the roulette had spread to other European countries and was becoming more and more popular.

Green zero (or two, in case of American Roulette) was added to the roulette so that the win probability sways to the casino's side.

Three main kinds of roulette

  • French
  • European
  • American

The French and the European Roulette has 37 pockets (36 black/red numbers + green zero) and differs only in the LaPartage rule which was added to the French Roulette. The American Roulette has one extra pocket, the 38th, green, double zero.


The concluding summary

When playing online roulette, you won't experience such adrenaline as in the real casino. However, the advantages of playing online surely make up for this detail. Not only can you play from home in any day or night time, but you also have a higher win chance in online roulette.

You can also try various kinds and types of this popular game. The first deposit bonuses and other bonuses are only an icing on the cake. And if you get fed up with roulette, you can try other games, for example free online poker.

Rules of online roulette

You can play roulette online in an online casino with the computer (in various options) or you can take part in a game with a live croupier. The basic goal of the game is to estimate on which pocket of the wheel the ball stops. Based on this estimate, you place bets on the table.

The roulette bet system

There are tons of bets that can be placed on the layout and every bet is paid out by a different payout ratio. The bets are divided in two basic cathegories - inside and outside. The table layout is divided according to this, see the picture.

Inside bets

When placing inside bets, you can stake on numbers 0 - 36, lined in 3 columns and 12 lines. The zero is situated above the central column. Bets on one number are paid in 35:1 payout ratio. However, you can stake on more numbers (2, 3, 4, 6) at one time, those are so-called combined bets.

Outside bets

The outside bets can be divided in:

  • straight bets - colour (red/black), odd/even, low/high, payout ratio 1:1
  • dozen bets - dozen (1-12, 13-24, 25-36) and column, payout ratio 2:1

Strategy to win the online roulette

If you want to increase your chances to win, try out some of strategic bet systems. Let's revive these ones in a nutshell: Parlay (pyramid betting on one colour / group of numbers), Martingale (betting on one colour, doubling the bet on the same colour after losing) and The memory game (betting on numbers that haven't come up in the last three rounds).

Among the others can be found: Fibonacci, Labouchere, Anti-martingale, D'Alembert.