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If you're looking for an easy game which would be similar to poker, try Red Dog Poker. The online version of this popular card game is particularly simple. Its rules can be understood in a very short time and after that, you can get straight into the game itself. Come and find out how.



Red Dog Poker

Yablon, Between the Sheets, Red Dog... Three titles, one game. Simple, fast and entertaining. Although being based on poker, the rules are quite different but not complicated. Basically, you stake on the value of the third card which must fit into the range between the first two cards. In this game, the colour is of no importance. If you like numbers and counting, this one is the right game for you.

In conlusion about Red Dog Poker online

"Red dog" is a game suitable for good arithmeticians and those who are lucky enough. In real casinos, you won't find it, but in online casinos, you can even play it for free. If you want to show your gaming abilities nevertheless, choose rather classic forms like Omaha or Texas Hold'em Poker.

Red Dog Poker rules

Every game starts with an obligatory bet (ante). After putting in the tokens, you can press Deal to get the cards. After showing the first two cards, there can be a few scenarios:

1. The card values differ by one (J, Q) = tie

  • The bet is returned to the player, the game ends 

2. Both of the cards have the same value

  • The dealer hands out the third card, the player wins only if the value of the third card is the same as the one of the original two, the win equals the bet multiplied eleven times.
  • If the third card is not the same, it's a tie and the bet goes back to the holder

3. The value difference between the cards is higher than 1

  • Now you can increase the bet amount (the bet doubles) or even up
  • The third card is handed out
  • If the third card's value is within the range between the two cards and isn't the same as either of them, the player wins, the win amount is multiplied (1 times to 5 times) according to the range width between the cards
  • If the third card value is the same as one of the original ones, the player gets the ante back and the game ends
  • In other cases, the player loses the bet

Strategy for Red Dog Poker

It is clear that when it comes to this poker variant, the result depends mainly on chance. We can give only one piece of advice regarding the strategy. Placing a bet is worth in case that the range between the cards is at least by seven values.