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Progressive slots offer very high winnings. Their mutual connection and the progressive increase of the jackpot are an opportunity to win large amounts of money with just a few spins.



The continuously increased jackpot throughout the casinos

Slots based on progressive jackpots often play a role in stories about marvellous winnings. It's no wonder. The whole system is based on the continuous increase of the amount which consists of unsuccessful attempts to win. It is not the whole bet amount that goes to increasing the jackpot amount, but slots are often connected to one another and there are more of them creating the final jackpot amount. 

You can play more kinds of slots:

  • home slot machines - connected in one casino or game room, the jackpot increases quite fast
  • separate slots - there is only one slot which increases the jackpot amount
  • a net of slots with progressive jackpot - it works among various online casinos and the increase of jackpot amount is very high

Make use of the online casino bonus

Try your fortune with progressive slots in a selected online casino. Make use of the bonuses such as free games or more credits. You can find the best slots in Mr. Green online casino where you can get up to 120 free spins!

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How to play jackpot slots

Progressive slots are also called jackpot slots. What follows from it is that to gain jackpot, you must have an absolute sameness of the winning combination. The jackpot amount increases continuously. It works the way that after an unlucky game when you haven't won anything, the final jackpot amount increases. This continues until someone wins the full jackpot. You can also make use of wild bonus symbols in the game, which can represent any other symbol, or a bonus scatter, which offers a free spin.

How to win a jackpot

The basic thing about a successful slot strategy with progressive jackpot is to stake a maximum amount. The probability of a win is quite low on this slot, but if the jackpot is high, it's surely worth the risk. However, remember that to gain the full jackpot, it is necessary to stake the highest bet amount possible.