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A high chance to win and a much larger portion of fun? That's exactly what online multi spin slots are about. Spin the reels, sit down comfortably and wait for the luck to be on your side! These slots are mostly 3-reel ones, with one winning line. The gameplay then offers 3, 5, or 10 simultaneously running slots, depending on the game type.


Multi spin slots online

Generally, we can divide slots according to a few criteria. We can consider the fact if the slot is online or not, if it's a so-called VLT or if the slot offers the possibility to get so-called progressive jackpot. The most frequently used division is the one according to the number of reels, into these basic categories:

  • 3-reel slots
  • 4-reel slots
  • 5-reel slots
  • Multi spin slots

Multi spin slots offer more spins in one window. You can run the game on more reels and let the slot earn money for you. The control is fast, simple and intuitive.

How to play multi spin slots

Online multi spin slots are not too different from the classic ones, so not even a novice will have it hard to get familiar with the game. The basic thing is to understand the function of a few buttons which appear on the screen. Namely these ones:

Pay table / info - A table which informs the player about the winning amounts, possible jackpots and about the function of particular, so-called Wild symbols.

Bet / Bet Max - these buttons are chosen if the player wants to bet the chosen amount or the maximum right away. In most cases, players choose the number and the value of coins or the number of winning lines on which they bet. Some casino slots, moreover, offer the win of special jackpots, if you bet the maximum amount.


Auto - this button doesn't appear in all games. However, it's still good to know what it means. If you decide to play so-called auto (Autoplay), then the casino slot mostly offers you the possibility of simple settings - the number of auto spins, the bet amount or the minimum or maximum limit of your cash. After you push, the slot spins on its own and so you can rest for a while and not loose any single second of your time.

How to win on multi spin slots

Whether you are a novice or a well-experienced player, never underestimate the importance of chosing the suitable game strategy. Our website offers you a few basic tips and tricks on how to play well and which strategy to choose. For every player, there is also our online trial game room available, where you can try everything, and that's entirely for free, without registration or entry fees.

And our advice for the end? Make sure before every game that you know your strategy well, that you've got familiar enough with the slot and that you understand all Wild symbols and other unusual elements of the game.