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Even if you're not from Texas, you are surely familiar with the term 'Texas Hold'em'. Hold'em became the most often played kind of poker for a reason - because of its ability to entertain and the fast pace. The game principle is not so complicated, and so it attracted vast numbers of people. However, to become a professional, you will need a lot of patience, determination and experience. Let's take a closer look at this card game.



The most often played card game

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker variant. It became the most often played card game not only in European and American casinos, but also in online casinos, where players like to play Texas Hold'em live, too. The greatest internet casinos have more than 200,000 players online in the rush hour. Poker is becoming one of the fastest growing game industries.

Types of Hold'em poker

The types are distinguished by the varying stake limits:

Limit Texas Hold'em - every bet round has its given limit

No Limit Texas Hold'em - players can stake how much they want, after All-in

Pot Limit Texas Hold'em - players can stake the maximum amount as high as the bank

Mixed Limit Texas Hold'em - alternating between Limit and No Limit Texas Hold'em


In conclusion

There is a reason why Texas Hold'em became the most popular card game on Earth. The mixture of adrenaline with the possibility to play not only your cards but also your rivals attracts millions of people around the world. Thanks to Hold'em live, you have the option to enjoy the experience whenever and literally wherever you want. Either it's at home on your computer or on travel via your mobile device, Texas Hold'em live is here for you in every situation.

It can happen that Texas Hold'em didn't catch your attention, but you still fancy playing cards online with an online croupier. If this is your case, then try for example BlackJack live or Baccarat Live.


How to play live Hold'em

In Texas Hold'em poker, every player gets two cards from the dealer at the beginning and then they lay five common cards on the table.

At the beginning of the round, a dealer (the ones who hands out the cards) is decided by lots and this position moves clockwise by one place after each game. The player on the dealer's left puts a so-called small blind (a small blind bet), the second player on the dealer's left put a big blind.

After the players put the obligatory stakes on blinds, the dealer hands out two cards to each player, which only their holders can see. The first betting round starts. The player on the left from the big blind decides as first and after him, step-by-step in the clockwise direction, the others do the same. The players can even up the stake (call), raise it (raise) or drop the cards (fold) and take no part in the game. The player on big blind can only check whether anybody has raised the stake.

When the first betting round ends, the dealer lays the first three common cards on the table (flop) and the second betting round starts. Its progress follows the same rules as the one in the first round. However, the player on small blind comes first and there isn't any obligatory stake, so there comes another option - to check (to stay in the game without any bet - if nobody staked before them). After the second round being ended, the fourth common card is laid on the table (turn), the next betting round starts and there comes the last, the fifth, common card (river). The last betting round, with the same rules, begins, and the rest of the players show their cards (showdown). The one who has the best card combination is the winner.


The game strategy for Hold'em live

Texas Hold'em, although you might not see it first, is a very complex game. The new players can be confused by the fact that there are relatively few card combinations which can appear in your hands, namely 169. The cards that are handed to you by the croupier are just a beginning, though. Various starting combinations at the beginning of the game have various probabilities of the later win.

There are plenty of strategies and tips on how to win as much as possible. You can find some of them, described in detail, here.