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Every person has their favourite numbers or numbers which appeal to them in some way and which have a unique, often even mysterious meaning. Then why not try your luck and take those numbers and choose them as you winning combination in a popular game of Keno?



The Great Wall of China, Sazka and Fortuna

Keno is nothing new among games. In fact, its origin reaches far into the history, namely 2000 years back, to China. The game, thanks to its extreme popularity, helped build the Great Wall of China because it was the money from Keno which constituted a large amount of money to build this giant. The game inspired local companies to create its alternatives known for example as Lucky 10 and Keno by the Sazka company or Golden 11 by Fortuna. The game principle as we know it today, however, stays almost unchanged compared to its original Chinese version. Minor changes were made only in the quantity of wagered and drawn numbers.

Mobile Keno with a higher chance to win

Although Keno can appear to lay players as boring guessing of numbers without any tactics, those who had the opportunity to try it, surely wouldn't confirm this. With the creation of Keno online, you can enjoy this addictive game anywhere on your travels using your mobile device or directly from home and you also can have an even higher chance to win than when playing in real casino.

If Keno didn't catch your attention, but you don't want to limit yourself only to one game, try Bingo, which works with the same concept and offers very attractive winnings, or find out if, for example, the world of online poker would interest you.


The rules of Keno

The rules are very easy and the basic principle can be understood in a few seconds, literally. The core of it is that there are twenty numbers out of eighty being drawn. The player chooses beforehand, how many numbers they will guess (from one to twenty). The fact is that the more numbers are guessed, the higher is the potential win if they are guessed correctly. Online casino has the option to choose the maximum of numbers that the players are allowed to guess, but it is usually between ten and twenty.

Because Keno is relatively a quick game, it is no exception that the drawing goes on all day, that is, in 5-minute intervals (they differ according to the casino). Many casinos, therefore, offer an option of more drawings beforehand with an authomatic checking. Practically, the player then chooses their lucky numbers for twenty drawings beforehand, the system checks everything authomatically and in case of winning, it lets the player know of the money won.

Choosing the online casino

Before you start playing the game itself, make some time to choose the right online casino, it is a key factor for your game success. Choose the very same casino which pays out the highest win amounts, has fair terms and conditions regarding the players and offers interesting bonuses, too.

Wager on fewer numbers

Wagering on more numbers is very attractive because your brain says authomatically that logically, we have a higher probability to win. The truth lies, surprisingly, elsewhere. The most ideal quantity of staked numbers is 5 - 6, and with every extra number, your chance to win gets lower, and it does rapidly so. Increase your chances even more by wagering this quantity of numbers in consecutively-ordered combinations (e.g. 48, 49, 50...), because even if Keno is a game of coincidence, even here appear certain number patterns, which are repeated from time to time. The Keno experts claim that as soon as you notice these repeating occurences, you get a vast advantage.