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The French have not only good wine, delicious cheese and the Eiffel tower. They also have their own roulette. You wouldn't recognize that it's not the European version. On the following lines, you will find out, why it is so popular among all online players. And you will surely want to try it, too.



Online roulette in style of the French

Maybe you haven't known until now that there are three types of roulette. Yes, it's the European, the American and the French Roulette. You can simply recognize the American Roulette because it has an extra green pocket, the double zero. Both European and French online roulette versions have only one zero, it is played on the same layout, there is only one rule which distuinguishes the two versions and which concerns straight bets

The La Partage rule

You're going to like this rule. If you wager on a colour, odd/even or high/low and a zero drops, you don't lose the whole bet amount but only its half. So if you bet 20€ on red colour and 0 drops, 10€ go back to you. And that's great! Try out free French Roulette online right now.

The concluding summary

So how do you like the French style of online roulette? Considering that it is very popular, you will find it in most online casinos.

Have you tried the American Roulette yet?

The rules for French Roulette

As was written above, the game rules and the bet system is almost he same as in the European version. Even here you need to guess where the naughty game ball is going to sway. And, based on this, place the bet. 

The bet system

Inside bets

  • bets on one number
  • combined bets

Outside bets

  • straight bets (red/black, odd/even, low/high)
  • bets on 12 numbers (a dozen, a column)

Strategy to win Roulette online

If you want to increase your chances, try out one of the strategic bet systems. Let's revive these briefly: Parlay (pyramid betting on one colour/group of numbers), Martingale (betting on one colour, doubling the bet amount on the same colour after losing) and The memory game (betting on the numbers which haven't dropped in the last three rounds).

Among others, there are: Fibonacci, Labouchere, Anti-martingale, D'Alembert.