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Online European Roulette, a classic game which never lets you down. Roulette in general is the most popular casino game. It has easy rules but at the same time, it provides enough adrenaline right before the ball stops in a pocket. Come and try!



The European Roulette is the basis

European Roulette is the oldest and the basic type of roulette. It was created in France at the end of the 18th century. Originally, there were only 36 numbered pockets on the layout which were, in turns, red or black. The zero was added to the game in year 1843. As a result, the total number of pockets is now 37. Eventually, the French and the American version was created, too.

The concluding summary

Now that you know how to play roulette, you can start playing, starting with free roulette and maybe playing for money later. You can find the European Roulette in every online casino. If you stop succeeding in roulette, you can try other casino games, for examples online slots or online poker.

How to play European Roulette online

If you want to start playing online roulette, you just have to know a few basic rules and the bet system. It's nothing complicated. You wager on a number or pocket, which, according to your estimate, will be the same as the one where the ball stops.

You choose the bet amount as high as you want it to be and then you just press the SPIN button. If you want to make the game faster, press QUICK SPIN. This way you'll skip the time-consuming circulating of the ball and you'll know the result in a moment. The winning number is usually marked with a figurine on the layout.


The Roulette bet system

You have a few options, where to place your tokens.

Inside bets

  • bets on one number
  • combined bets 

Outside bets

  • straight bets (red/black, odd/even, low/high)
  • bets on 12 numbers (a dozen, a column)

Strategy to win Roulette online

If you want to increase your chances, try out one of the strategic bet systems. Let's revive these briefly: Parlay (pyramid betting on one colour/group of numbers), Martingale (betting on one colour, doubling the bet amount on the same colour after losing) and The memory game (betting on the numbers which haven't dropped in the last three rounds).

Among others, there are: Fibonacci, Labouchere, Anti-martingale, D'Alembert.