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Have you ever beaten the croupier? If not, then you certainly haven't played the Caribbean poker yet. Every other person can play Texas Hold'em Poker. Become better, learn the rules and get straight into the game against everybody else. There's no lack of Caribbean Stud Poker in any right poker casino.



There's not only one poker online

Some of the poker variants came into existence for the casinos to have a higher chance to win. There are efforts made to hide the greed behind the rules, but players see them through. Caribbean Stud Poker belongs among those poker versions which are more beneficial for the casino. However, its progress is so interesing that players won't hear a bad word against it.

When compared to the best-known Texas Hold'em Poker, it is different mainly in the fact that players are handed five cards and the croupier himself takes part in the game. Your main task is to beat his winning combination.

The summary of Caribbean Stud Poker

At the first sight, the rules can appear a bit difficult. Therefore, first make use of the possiblity to play free stud poker online. After you perfect your strategy, you can go for the game for huge money. You can come back to Hold'em anytime. 

Rules of Caribbean Poker

Before the game begins, every player has to make an obligatory bet (ante). After that, the croupier hands out five cards face down to every player and also to himself, but he turns the last card face up so that the players can see it. Then, the players can either bet the double amount of ante or put their cards down. After the bet round, there comes Showdown - the revelation of the remaining players' cards. They decide about the highest winning combination and, according to the croupier's cards, the win amount.

The croupier can play only if he has a king or an ace in hand. If a player has a better combination than him, his win amount gets multiplied, based on the particular winning combination. There can also come bonus wins which bring interesting bet amount multiples.

The strategy to win

Even poker has its winning strategies. For cash game, there are for example these ones:

  • Position
  • Tight is right
  • Never slowplay
  • Pre/post/flop play

However, the foundation stone of every game are the starting card combinations.