Game types / Card games online

Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat... Surely there are many other names in your mind which have one thing in common. Yes, all of them belong among card games. In online casinos, you can find a bunch of these games and sometimes it's almost impossible to orientate yourself in all of them and to categorize them correctly. We are going to try making you familiar with all of it, in a nutshell.



The history of card games

The exact origin or date of creation of the first card game is unknown. Historical resources point mainly at China, but Japan or India gets discussed, too, as well as the first mention from around the year 1000 AD. About how the cards got to Europe is mentioned in a few theories. However, none of them is 100% confirmed. Historicians talk about crusades, Mongolian raiders or gypsies. 

Cards became a popular part of everyday life in our country after the Hussite revolution and in the 15th century, games for money spread among all social groups. Particularly popular were simple games which were similar to today's Quartets or 21. 


Kinds of card games

Among the favourite casino games are the worldwide-known Poker and BlackJack, of course. Rules in detail, other useful information and tips can be found in other sections. Among the most popular card games at casinos are:


  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat

Poker online

The game was created for 2 - 10 players and the aim is to get as good a card combination as possible. First, every player is handed 2 cards and other three are lain on the table. Players place their bets and there follow other cards which are lain on the table. Players can increase their bets gradually, wait or fold up the cards if needed. The win is given to the player whose card combination is the highest at the end of the game.


Blackjack, in contrast to poker, is for one player and it's popular mainly because of its high chance to win. Player gradually takes cards from the deck and tries to reach the number 21 or lower in the value total. Trespassing the value of 21 is considered a loss. If none of the players reach the exact value of 21, then the one who gets the closest to it wins.

How to win in card cames

Because every card game is different, it is therefore very difficult to specify the game strategies in general. Poker tactics and rules can be found in detail in the poker game rules, which will make you familiar mainly with the principle and the basic counting system, which is recommended to follow.

On your website, you can also try all the games for free, with no deposit or registration. You can try your strategy first in draft and then enter the world of online gaming with a solid self-confidence.