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Why play slots alone when you can enjoy a company of your favourite movie hero or favourite brand? This is exactly what the creators, who came up with branded slots, thought. These slots combine all slot qualities and at the same time, they add a thematic adaptation of you favourite things. Let's have a closer look at them in this article.


Play while being surrounded by your favourites

Branded slots are slots which have bought a license for a particular film or brand. Regarding the topic, the variety is immense and in the world of slots, there came popular heroes like those from Marvel and DC Comics. The brands of other products are not left behind either, such as the legendary Playboy, which literally went down in history through its logo and men's magazine. This idea of connecting something which is known among people with slots is utterly excellent. The developers show us that this collaboration attracts more and more players because they look for something which is familiar to them and at the same time, something they can connect with having fun. Branded slots offer both.


This type of slots offer things you would expect from the classic ones, but, speaking about visual aspect, they are much closer to you. Online slots enable to play at home or anywhere on travels via your mobile device. The increased chance to win is typical for online casinos, however, there is a point in mentioning them and the same goes for various bonuses.

If you belong to the gamers who prefer classic slots, here you can choose from hundreds of various types. And if you are a complete beginner and you're afraid to play for real money directly, choose on of those slots which offer games for free.


How to play branded slots

Branded slots are not different from classic ones that much. The change regards mainly graphics, not the game itself. Therefore, the game principle stays identical. First, players much choose, how many reels they want to play, and usually, they have three options - 3-reel, 4-reel and 5-reel. Furthermore, they choose, how many win combinations they want to play and also the amount of one bet. As you can see, it is the very same method as by classic slots.

The developers didn't forget to add the bonus symbols:

Wild - works as a replacement for other symbols

Scatter - activates free spins


Branded slots strategy

The winning strategy for slots, unfortunately, doesn't exist. However, there are a few ways to increase the probability of winning.

The payout ratio should be higher than 95%. 

Go through the rules for every slot before you start gaming

Choose a daily limit of money which you can deposit.

If you are losing, try changing the slot.

If you are winning, you can try making the limit higher, but if you are losing, lower the limit.