Game types / Board games

Online board games are a combination of the best of classic board games as we know them from casinos and some extras. Let's tell you something more about some of them.



Board games have existed for ages

Hazard games have attracted us, mankind, since early ages, and as there wasn't any possibility to play modern games such as slots or roulette, people began to play the easiest games which we know today as "board games".

Very interesting can be, for example, craps, whose history goes back to year 3500 BC. In Egyptian tombs, the archeologists found paintings which depict two people who are throwing something similar to dice. There are a lot of speculations concerning the origin of cards. One theory says that they were created in India but there are a lot of objectors who say that cards were developed from Chinese means of payment and money. The first Bingo, on the contrary, came into existence quite recently, at least when compared to craps and cards. The first winning list dates back to 16th century, to Italy

From their premiere until today, all board games underwent massive evolution and improvement, but one thing still remained. They all still offer a dose of entertainment and excitement.

In conclusion

Gaming online offers things you expect from a real casino and much more. Very interesting bonuses are a standard nowadays, and the fact that player gets a higher chance to win by playing games online is proven by thousands of players all over the world. In combination with comfort which you have at home, there comes the best gaming experience, so don't hesitate and try some of the many online casinos today!

Board games for free


Board games are generally quite simple to understand and when the players get really familiar with them, they usually get to like them a lot.

Bingo and Keno follow the same principle but still, there are differences between them, of course. In Bingo, the patterns, which the player must have in order to win, change according to the game type. In contrast, in Keno, the player is free to choose whatever numbers they want. 

BlackJack is relatively easy to understand but extremely hard to play on the pro level. Professional players put a lot of their time and effort into becoming one of the best.

Craps, thanks to their wild and varied bets, appear incomprehensible, but as soon as you get to understand even the basic principles, you will like the game very much.

You can find more detailed manuals, not only for these games, here.


Game strategy

There are only two kinds of players - those who play only in order to entertain themselves and those who intend to earn a bunch of money. The first group doesn't need any strategy, on the other hand, the second one does. Every individual chooses the strategy that suits them the best and is the most comfortable for them. Every game boasts a large variety of strategies and tips from which the player can choose and some of which can be learnt here.