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A dose of adrenaline which comes with every new number and a friendly atmosphere created by your team mates who, as well as you, can't wait for the coming of one of the numbers pictured on their card - that's what undoubtedly belongs with Bingo.



Bingo has come a long way

Bingo originally comes from Italian lottery 'Il Gioco del Lotto d'Itali' and first records of this came date back to 16th century, namely to Italy. Within the 18th century, the game began to spread to other European countries like, for example, to France or to Great Britain, where it became very popular. Bingo as we know it today, first appeared on carnivals and funfairs around the year 1920. Its improvement was helped by Hugh J. Wardovin, however, the patent on the typical appearance of the playing cards was granted to Erwin S. Lowe as late as in year 1942.

In conclusion

For Bingo players, the atmosphere is often the key factor which the game offers and more and more of them are finding out that the same atmosphere can be reached at home on the computer or on a mobile device anywhere else. Online Bingo offers options full of people with the access to a common chat and a vast number of advantages such as enormous jackpots, bonuses and increased chance to win everytime you play.

If Bingo isn't a game for you and you prefer card games, try for example online Poker or online BlackJack which keep the experience from real casinos but they also bring the advantages of playing online.


Rules of online Bingo

Every game starts with being given a playing card (whether the players choose only one or want to play with more cards at once, is in their hands) which has numbers in five columns pictured on it. The range of numbers differs based on how many numbers are drawn. Typically, it's 75 or 90, so the numbers on the card range from 1 to 90. After the player generates a number from the range by chance, the numbers are displayed on the screen, and if your card contains the number, the square turns a colour by being clicked on. This process is repeated until one of the players colour all their squares on the card which they were supposed to hit.

Depending on the game type, the patterns, which the player has to hit in order to win, change. Basic types of these patterns are vertical (1), diagonal (2), horizontal (3) and "coverall" (that is, colour all squares) (4). There can be tens of patterns and it's important for the player to always check, which of the patterns they're playing with.

           1                             2                              3                            4



Bingo is a game based entirely on coincidence, and therefore, no strategy works there so well as, for example, in BlackJack. However, there are a few strategies and we're going to take a look at some of them. 

Strategy no. 1 - be economical 

Decide on the maximum amount that you are willing to invest in the game and do not go past it. Bingo is one of the games that don't demand deep thinking and it's a certain form of relaxation. Therefore, to exceed the decided limit in order to earn money, although you are successful on the one day, is nonsense.

Strategy no. 2 - play with more cards

More cards surely mean a higher chance to win, that's logical. In real casinos, the player is limited by their physical abilities, because managing to check, for example, 30 cards simultaneously, is utterly impossible, but in online casino, it's different. The only limit that is there is the maximum number of cards which can be played with and that's it. In praxis, for example, you buy 40 cards and the computer checks them authomatically and it detects if the drawn number appeared on your card or not. 

Strategy no. 3 - play with fewer players

Try looking for Bingo with a not-so-high number of participants. The reason is very simple - fewer players means higher chance to win for you.