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A higher number of winning combinations and a more enjoyable game. That's exactly what a 5-reel slot offers. Their function and rules are quite simple. The reason to try them out is also the fact that the higher number of winning combinations, the higher the chance to win.


5-reel slots offer a more exciting game because it takes a while longer before all the 5 reels turn. The higher number of winning combinations mildly increases the chance to win and it is true that the financial winning value of one game is a bit higher than on 3-reel slots. When using bonus symbols, you can gain free spins or make the win higher.

Types of 5-reel slots

There exists a wide range of 5-reel online slots. They are different by their arrangement, the winning amount or minigames included.

It's possible to stake on classic reel stop and to determine a certain number of lines. There are often Wild bonus symbols which work as a representation of other symbols. It is also recommended to stake on the included minigames.

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5-reel slots for free

How to play slots online

5-reel online slots work pretty much the same as the 3-reel ones, but the winnings are a bit higher. Here you stake on winning lines, whose number is different every game. This way you can play a 5-reel slot with 5 combinations as well as a special slot with 25 combinations. In each particular game you can find its rules. You should be interested mainly in the minimum amount for one bet and winning amount for a particular winning combination. Don't forget to check the advantages of bonus symbols which appear in the game.

You find these bonus symbols in the game:

Wild - represents other symbols

Scatter - activates free spins


How to win on online slots

Online slots are based on chance and the probability of a win can't be influenced by any strategy very much. To lower the risk, it is recommended to decide on a plan of maximum stake amount for one day and to plan the game on more types of slots with various values of particular bets.