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4-reel slots offer things you would expect from a slot in a real casino. The game is fast, visually interesting and mainly very intuitive. Attractive bonuses and high chances for winning are for sure and with the tips written in this article, you'll be one step closer to the win.


Three are not enough, five are too many

A 4-reel slot combines the best from 3-reel and 5-reel slots. It is as fast as 3-reel slots and there is a great chance to win, too. Speaking of 5-reel slots, they have a burst of adrenaline and higher winnings in common. Add great bonuses and a high number of winning combinations to it all and you have a great compromise for the players who have a problem with deciding whether to play the 3-reel slots or the 5-slot ones.

Types of 4-reel slots

Usually, they don't differ from one another that much. The game principle stays the same, the biggest difference is mostly the visual arrangement. You can see classic fruit or diamond slots, but they are just a few of all the options because modern slots have a large scale of symbols on them.

To sum up

If the 4-reel slots have caught your attention, do not hesitate and play in one of many online casinos. Most of them offer free gaming, which is great for those players who are beginners or just trying out a new slot. Gambling online has its unmistakable advantages which are for example enormous bonuses or greater chance to win. It is quite unnecessary to mention that you play from home or anywhere on travels using your mobile device.

It could happen that online slots didn't catch your attention and you prefer for example card games. There are so many of them but among the favourite ones are for example BlackJack or Texas Hold'em poker.

4-reel Slots for free

How to play 4-reel slots

There are winning lines to be staked on when playing 4-reel slots. These lines are different every game. It is only up to the player, how many of them they choose and it's not unusual that they can choose from up to an enormous number of 81 lines. The key advice is for the player to find the information about the slot chosen before they start to play. The factor which influences your potential win are for example bonus symbols (wild and scatter), which appear in the game and therefore, don't forget to check their extent. Another important bunch of information is, how many winning lines the slot offers, how much is the minimal bet amount and also the winning amount for a particular winning line.


Bonus symbols:

Wild - is there to represent other symbols

Scatter - activates free spins


The 4-reel-slot strategy

Like with most games which are based on chance, there is no strategy here as well which would guarantee a win every time you play. Nevertheless, here are a few tips on how to enjoy the game and a few ways to make the luck come over to your side at least a bit.

1. Play those slots that you feel comfortable with (regarding graphics, the game and the deposit), so that you feel absolutely relaxed.

2. If you think that the longer you play, the more you win, you are greatly mistaken. What follows from it is, that the maximum bets are the best for you. So if you have less money, find the slots where the maximum bet amount is adequate to your bank.  

3. Remember the fact that you can't be successful every time and therefore, it's important to know how much you can afford to lose. 

4. Read the rules of each online slot carefully, even before you start playing.


5. Choose a daily limit which you can lose.

6. If you are losing, try playing a different slot

7. If you are winning, you can try making the limit higher but if you are losing, you should lower the limit. 

8. Most of the time, slots won't let you win if you spin the reels only a few times (15 - 20).