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3-reel slots are an online version of classic video lottery terminals (VLTs). These slots have three winning combinations in most cases. It's very simple to play them and the chance to win is quite high.


The high probability of winning

The 3-reel slots are favourite thanks to the high probability of win. It is exactly 1 : 634. In combinations with bonus symbols and when having chosen the best slot online, you really have a high chance that you'll get a maximum win amount.

Where you'll win the most money

Online slots appear in various forms. You can play classic types with fruit or diamond symbols as well as modern ones with a video, such as 3-reel Demon Master slot with a Dracula character.

Even here, ther is the rule that you win the most money when playing those slots which offer the highest payout ratio. Therefore, try out more free online slots, read the conditions carefully and based on this information, choose the best online slot which you will enjoy and which will help you win.  

Play free slots and free roulette online

Do you like 3-reel slots and do you want to try your fortune? Take a look at online casinos selection where you can play with no deposit. To make you fun higher and more varied, don't forget to try roulette online or try your abilities with a croupier by playing poker.

3-reel slots for free

How to play 3-reel online slots

3-reel slots work on a principle of video lottery terminals (VLTs), which commonly appear in real casinos. You stake on winning lines, usually 3 of them. However, there are also special types with more winning lines. The exact rules are different depending on the type of the game. Therefore, always read the information given directly at the selected slot. You can also find there bonus symbols wild, which work as a replacement for other symbols. Or, there are scatter bonus symbols which bring free spins.

The strategy for 3-reel slots

The strategy for online slots is quite simple. You just have to stick to a few basic rules and you have a rather high chance that you gain a win. Take heed when making the so-called 'money management', which should be within your financial abilities. Follow the strategy which you have chosen. This way, you'll lower the risk of losing to the minimum.