Types of casino games and rules

Board games

Online board games are a combination of the best of classic board games as we know them from casinos and some extras. Let's tell you something more about some of them.


Card games online

Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat... Surely there are many other names in your mind which have one thing in common. Yes, all of them belong among card games. In online casinos, you can find a bunch of these games and sometimes it's almost impossible to orientate yourself in all of them and to categorize them correctly. We are going to try making you familiar with all of it, in a nutshell.


Games for more players

Games for more players offer a much higher level of fun. A mutual contact with others, strategic planning and often a very attracting win amount make a multiplayer casino games a great source of entertainment with a chance to earn money.


Live Casino

Live casino is one of those things that a person must try for themselves. From the other people's tellings, you may have a sceptic point of view on the matter, however, after one try, most people are met with pleasant surprise at the sophisticated enjoyment that this service offers. Let's look at where it all began and what games are among the most popular ones.


Online Roulette

Red, black and green, that's the gambling queen - Roulette. And of course, it musn't be without the small ball bouncing on the wheel and without a pile of tokens from the brave players. How the roulette online is played and what systems and bet strategies there are, can be found right here.


Online slots

Online slots are simple, easy to understand and they offer high winnings. It is possible to play slots at home. The only thing you need to know are rules and basic tips and strategies how to play well and successfully.



Poker face, Texas Hold'em, Omaha, call, check, fold ... anything you say, but you do not have the courage to venture into the game in a real casino? Does not matter. Practise poker in an online poker room. Review the basic rules oprašte winning combinations and go for it.

Right strategy, you can rehearse in our online poker games for free. You might try a popular Poker Pai Gow Poker or Royal. As the game goes, it is just for you. The main thing is that they really learn the rules and winning combinations. In addition to playing casino machines for free and then try poker online with us and obehrajte dealer.


Sports bets

You like sport, but you are fond of it only theoretically or as a fajn? And do you know that you can make a living on it that way, too? No? Than dive with us into the world of online sports bets, which can simply develop from your hobby into the main source of income.