Roulette Game Strategy / Bond´s bet System

Who would not know the agent 007. Many women succumbed to his art, so as many roulettes. Bond´s bet is quick and profitable method, where is being bet 200 chips according to the following rules:

  • bet 140 chips on the bottom half of the playing field, it is 19-36
  • bet 50 chips on the line (two streets, sextuplet) 13-18
  • bet 10 chips on 0.

Thus you have covered 2/3 of the playing field, if you get a number from the lower half, you get 80 chips, if 13-18 falls, you will have a net profit of 100 chips, if zero falls, you have a net gain of 160 chips.

If the numbers from the first dozen fall, you lose 200 chips, then the next time double the bet.

Of course - especially for such a bet, it is important to leave in time, richly enough is just 1-2 games.

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