Roulette Game Strategy / 2+ System

2+ system uses the repetition of certain numbers. You must have notice that within a couple dozen games do not turn all numbers on the roulette and some come several times in quick succession. This observation is used by system utilizes 2+, which is simple and surprisingly effective.


  • write down 37 spins in a row
  • Select one of these numbers, which fell more than once
  • Bet on these numbers the same number of chips for the next 37 games - and continue even when you win.
  • After 37 spins stop the game and write down gradually next 37 numbers
  • Repeat steps 2-5

Mostly is being bet on 5-7 numbers, which over 37-spin cycle come at average 8x-10x. As early as the number comes 5x, you profit.

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