Verified online casinos - how to indentify them?

21. 12. 2015 | AndreaSch | Instructions and tips

Verified online casinos - how to indentify them?There are thousands of casinos online these days and it mostly takes a lot of effort for a player to know them and orientate themselves in which ones are verified and safe for the game. Apart from so-called blacklists of unreliable and deceptive casinos, there are a few tips on what to watch out for in order not to get deceived. What are the differences between our recommended casinos from those you'd better avoid?


Big casino companies invest large amounts of money into the development of their work. They have high-quality, not only good-looking but also well-working, websites. Those websites get actualised and aren't obsolete. They contain information on safe gaming and on the licence of the casino for slot games on Malta or Cyprus. The games are interesting, highly developed and have nice graphics. The software runs smoothly with no lags or collapses. In case you have problems, uncertainties or questions, you can contact the customer service of the online casino, the contacts to the service are written directly on the casino website. The rules of the games alone can tell a lot - high-quality casinos offer free games. As a trial. On the other hand, if a casino offers immediate winnings, they are using an illegal marketing strategy. Casinos, when developing their games, lay stress on a fair software and payout set up for the players' profit. On the contrary to the unfair casinos, where they wish the chance of winning only to the casino.



Online casino quality warranty

Most casinos on various internet websites are reliable and safe. Nevertheless, one can still have bad luck finding a deceptive casino which doesn't pay out anything after a win. Our recommended casinos online are safe because they are monitored as strictly as internet banking. They also collaborate with independent auditors to guarantee their professionality. Due to high rivalry in the online casino world, the monitoring of the gaming safety and work quality of the casino is a number one priority for every larger corporation which works in the area of gaming. Same for us. This was one of the reasons why the website, with a database of the best, verified casinos on the internet, was created.