Transferring and withdrawing money in online casinos

8. 1. 2016 | AndreaSch | Instructions and tips Online Casino

Transferring and withdrawing money in online casinosSlot machines are a form of entertainment and a pleasant and exciting way of taking your mind off things. It is possible to win large sums of money if you deposit some. It's the sharp mode where you can get a rich entrance bonus and free spins. Many gamers get confused by deposits and withdrawals from the casinos and they are afraid of playing for real money. We are going to explain everything about transactions that you make so that you can deposit money for the game in an online casino with no stress, start gaming and winning.


Sending money via transaction or by card

If you pay by credit card or via transaction from a back account, you avoid an identity verification which some casinos will require during other types of payment. This way they resist money laundering and under-age gaming. The best known credit cards are VISA Electron, Verified by Visa, MasterCard, MasterCard SecureCode, American Express and a variety of others.



I like digital wallets

Do you have trust issues with credit card payments and online money transfer? Thsi option is the right one for you. The digital wallet is provided for example by Skrill (Moneybookers), Paypal or Neteller and they work as a mediator between you and the online casino. However, they don't provide your personal data and so they avoid their misuse. That's why it is an entirely safe payment type. This option is widespread and is greatly ahead of the classic credit card payment.



Prepaid card - what is it?

The payment using a prepaid card is entirely safe as well. In the Czech republic it is refered to as so-called 'PaySafeCard'. You can acquire it by selected dealers and it works on a principle of mobile credit recharge. It is surely a safer way than payments by digital wallets - there are no personal data involved at all. The casino, however, will require a copy of your personal ID card to be sure you above 18. You also have to take into account that the moment you want to withdraw your money won, you'll have to give them your bank account number. The transfer of your winnings then takes a few days. The disadvantage of this type of payment and money withdrawal is the long time it takes and the increased amount of paperwork.



Our recommended type of payment and money transfer

On our website, we have good experience with Skrill (Moneybrookers) digital wallet which has the most favourable global payment service on the internet. The only thing you have to do is to sign up and, for your payment, your email address and password will do. The support is in Czech and the services are adapted to local conditions. When you win, you simply transfer your money onto your back account in CZK. Everything is very fast.



Which one of these payment methods do you like?

We've introduced some common ways of paying in casinos - from a back transfer or a payment by credit card to the less used methods such as various digital wallets or prepaid cards. As you already know, every option has its pros but also its cons. Try out by yourself which payment type works the best for you and start gaming and winning.