Gambling - are you addicted to it?

7. 12. 2015 | AndreaSch | Behind the Scenes Online Casino

Gambling - are you addicted to it?Do you like gambling? So do we. However, there are a few things a slot machine player must remember so that gambling can be a purely pleasant experience and one can't fall into a dangerous player trap.


A bit of gambling statistics

The greatest number of gamblers, that is, people who are pathologically addicted, are at the age between 35 and 44. Which means they're at the age when they have built their financial background and are thinking about a suitable way of spending, enjoying and increasing their money. Men are, in this aspect, more at risk than women. Specialists point out the fact that the development of gambling addiction, from a hobby and the beginning of gambling on slot machines to entering a treatment of their addiction can be months or even years long. People, during this time, get into bigger and smaller losses. A person who needs slots in their life, increases their intensity of gambling at the expense of their loved ones, friends and even job. They lead a typical problem gambler - by making up for losses and creating new, even higher ones.



An addiction to slots! How can we recognize it?

Who has built an addiction to slot machines doesn't feel good about the game anymore. On the contrary. They feel anxiety and unpleasant tension during the game in a casino. His gambling is then accompanied by psychosomatic issues such as sleeplessness, absence of appetite and vomiting. The problem gamblers then try to lower the stress caused by gambling - by smoking, drinking alcohol, using forbidden addictive substances and repeated gambling, where it's needed to play more and more. In relationships towards their surroundings, gamblers are aggressive, self-centered, suspicious, distrustful and irresponsible. The arisen financial and emotional addiction to their families is then very unpleasant to them. Therefore, they tend to hide the problem and keep it secret. They know that if their addictive gambling on slot machines was revealed, their relationships would get very damaged and irreversibly disrupted. A life with a gambler is by no means beer and skittles, whether their problem is known or not.


Am I a gambler? Test yourself!


There is a wide range of tests to find out if you are able to control your gambling on slot machines. The gambling test below is the most widespread. Answer with a 'yes' or 'no' to every one of these 19 questions:


1. Had you ever been gambling until you lost all your money?
2. Have you ever borrowed money for a game?
3. Have you ever taken a loan for the sake of gaming?
4. Do you repeatedly break the time or financial borders you've set up for the game?
5. Have you ever considered earning money by illegal means?
6. Do you often think about gambling?
7. Have you ever stolen any money for a game?
8. Do you have problems with concetrating on something else than gambling?
9. Are you irritated or aggressive when you don't have the chance to gamble?
10. Does your ordinary life seem boring to you in comparison with gambling?
11. Is your interest in social life getting lower?
12. Do you play to make up to the losses?
13. Do you keep the frequency of gaming and the amount of lost money secret from your family?
14. Do you often feel remorse after gaming?
15. Has it ever happened that you continued gaming even if you knew that it can hurt you or somebody else?
16. Has the improvement of your mood and forgetting problems ever been the reason to gamble?
17. Has the gambling ever been the cause of arguement and quarrel in your family
18. Has it ever happened that you didn't go to school or work because of gambling?
19. Have you ever thought about killing yourself (or even attempted to) due to your problems with gambling?


Test results: Did you answer 'yes' to more than 7 questions? Then you have problems with gambling. Contact a specialised psychologist or psychiatrist in your area. The contacts to professional help and advice can also be found here



How not to fall into a player's trap on slots

And again we find ourselves at the beginning. When gaming, every player must have a detached view on their action. Do you have it, too? If you internally agree with the statements given below, congratulations. The gaming on slot machines is a pure entertainment and a thrilling experience to you, not an addiction.
- We enjoy gambling. However, we don't do it as an escape from other problems, may it be in relationships, finance or at work.
- We enjoy gambling. Even small winnings are enough for us to be happy with the game.
- We enjoy gambling and we don't measure our success in life by it.
- We enjoy gambling. We don!t expect a result in the form of a quick, necessary win.
- We enjoy gambling. We play whenever we want, without the need to plan the gambling, playing increasingly more and replacing our losses with ever greater losses.
- We enjoy gambling - just for joy and thrill that the game brings.

Let's gamble!