Don't get ripped off by an online slot machine

24. 5. 2016 | Iveta | Instructions and tips Online Casino

DonPlaying slots online in an online casino has more advantages than you can think of. Apart from the fact that you can play at home, the main positive thing is a demonstrably higher profit rate in comparison to slot machines in a real casino - that is, even by 17%! For you to get the highest profit possible, you will need to know a few basic rules.


The advantages of online slot machines

As we have already mentioned in the introduction, gaming online has a lot of advantages. First of all, it's mainly high entrance bonuses when signing up. It is mainly about a bonus as high as 100% of the amount of your first deposit. Other bonuses are paid out as loyalty bonus to regular players. More generous casinos add a few tensomes of free spins - and we are getting towards another advantage. In an online casino, you can mostly find a few slot machines you can try FOR FREE. And what other way is there to avoid getting ripped off, than to play for free, right?



And that's not all, the advantages go on

Another big advantage is surely the fact that, unlike in real casinos, you can play on more slot machines at once. You also have a range of hundreds of games to choose from. You can also try out other casino games (poker online, blackjack, roulette, sports bets). If possible, you should stay with the games you know well and you know how they work. There also also much higher jackpots when it comes to online slots. Some of them reach several million crowns. Online casinos pay out up to 98% of bets, live casinos only 80% on average.



How to win on a slot machine without getting ripped off

Remember that winning on virtual slot machines is only about luck and mainly about entertainment. Don't get obsessed with winning and always decide on an amount of money which you are able and willing to sacrifice, a so-called bankroll. Don't ever go beyond this sum and leave it for another time. Go in only for the games whose rules are perfectly clear to you. Play carefully, calmly and be patient. Don't watch TV or do any other activity while playing, focus only on the game and think about it.



Through one spin to jackpot

Nominally higher wins are on 5reel slot machines. Play mainly on those slot machines where you can stake on more lines and diagonals, your chance will get higher thanks to this. If you win a higher amount of money, move to another slot machine. You will have a higher chance of winning there because somebody else who played before you has probably poured their money in there. It is often profitable to stake a higher amount during a few first twists. If a player before you has filled the slot machine with their money and didn't win, you have the chance that it will be you who wins the jackpot. If you are winning, you can dare increase the amounts and if you aren't lucky, lower the amounts.


Basic rules for playing slots online

  • decide on a daily bankroll and don't go past that
  • learn the rules of the game properly
  • make use of free spins
  • play reasonably, think about the game and don't be impatient
  • stake on all lines and diagonals
  • adjust your bets to the current situation


Unfortunately, not even the best advice and tips can ensure a win of jackpot. Generally, it's true that you can't make a lot of money on slot machines. Take it as a form of entertainment, of relaxation and a way to get your mind off everyday concerns. Take heed so that the game won't get owned by the game and become addicted to it. You can also relax in an active way ;)