Did they block your online casino account? We know what to do!

27. 4. 2016 | Iveta | Behind the Scenes Online Casino

Did they block your online casino account? We know what to do!Has an online casino blocked your account? There can be various reasons. But nothing is lost yet! Above all, you ought to take action and co-operate. In most online casinos, there is a nonstop online customer service available which you can contact in case of any doubts.


If you want to start playing in a casino online, first you have to sign up and open a game account. You'll be able to deposit money via this account and also withdraw your winnings from it. There is no problem at the first sight and there isn't any either when using your account in a common way. Sometimes it can happen, though, that the online casino operator blocks your account for some reason. We will give you some advice on what to do in such case.



Online casino always has a reason

If this happens, the error is probably on your side. Nothing happens for no reason and an online casino doesn't know difference between intentional and unintentional rule breaking. That is why it is highly recommended to read the terms of use of the casino carefully and to stick to them. The problem can be for example that you haven't provided or verified your personal data. The online casino has the right to have them because it's real money that is played for here and moreover, the operator must be certain that the player is of age.


Another thing we have to mention is the possibility of bonus misuse. They are offered to you so that you get something more than usually and not so that you strive to get large sums of money from the casino. There is often a point written in the terms of use that the bonus is meant only for one and only person in a household, that is, for one shared IP adress, for one account used for money transfer and so on. It is therefore crystal clear that if somebody creates more accounts in one casino on purpose (or even accounts that are fake), sooner or later they will get blocked. Online casino works on the presumption that such player wants to misuse the system in order to get rich or transfer money illegaly etc.



You can sort it out

If you find yourself in a situation when your account gets blocked and you don't know about any contravention, the first thing to do is to contact the support of the online casino given. Naturally, not in an angry but in a polite manner. Many violations can really be just an error and a polite way of negotiation is the best way how to explain everything and set it right again. Online casino also protects itself because it is under the surveillance of authorities and in case of inactivity, you could get in trouble leading even to revoking their licence.


In most online casinos there is a nonstop support available. Therefore, you don't have to be afraid of your problem not being debated. Communication and a good approach towards a player make one of the main factors on which the decision about the quality of your casino is based. It is therefore logical that the casinos pride themselves on it. In most cases, they offer a number of communication methods including email, a free customer service or live chat. Don't hesitate to contact your online casino, which will gladly help you, when having a problem.


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