How to play online

Over the last few years, the phenomenon of online gambling has become one of the most profitable industry on the Internet with a turnover of up to one hundred billion czech crowns. If you want to gamble, or play other online games, you can simply choose, from a wide range of online casinos and games, what suits you best. For those who are new in the field of online casinos, we have prepared a few helpful hints.

What you need

To play online casino games, you must have an Internet connection. Then, you have two options:

  • Download gaming software onto your computer.
  • Connect directly to the casino server (using flash or java).


A convenient way is to download the software directly to your computer, is free and takes only a few minutes. In case of insufficient space on your hard disk, offer some casinos so-called Lite versions that have minimal space requirements. Although online gambling is not anymore a risk to your computer, it is worth bearing in mind its protection. Good virus protection is never a bad thing.

Before you start as rookie playing "live", it is better choice to try a free online game. This will give you the proper confidence and will avoid the risk of losing money due to ignorance.

Also important is the transfer of money from one entity to another, that may vary, but the amount of your account will not be affected.

Playing for free will certainly not entertain you forever. After gaining the necessary knowledge of the online games you definitely will want to play as well as real money. You will need your own account for that. During the setup you will enter basic information such as name, address, e-mail, login name, password, or eventually upload a custom icon or portrait. Login name and icon will represent you to the other players in online gambling.

Last but one step to play online gambling is a money transfer. If you have purchasing experience on the Internet, nothing will surprise you, it's similar. Usually, you have to choose a credit card or debit card or online wallet - for example Paypal, Neteller, FirePay etc. Consider your first deposit carefully. Keep in mind that online gambling can be several times faster than in a real casino. For example, it is possible that you can play up to ten times more rounds of Blackjack.

If you have made your own account in casino, it is possible to compare each round of games you have played. You can see all the unloading and the flow of the game in detail, for example in poker. You will have absolutely accurate tracking of your deposits, balances and results of all the games you played. If you come across a casino that does not offer this, it cannot be recommended.

In case you want to withdraw winnings or remaining deposited money from your account, it will be paid in the same way as they were deposited onto the account. Reputable casinos pay the required money on the same day. These transfers are generally not burdened by any additional charges such as a transaction fee.

How to choose the right casino

The last step to playing in online casino is choosing the right casino. Unlike real casinos, online casinos are not subjects to any unified supervision. We can say that most online casinos are honest, but it can happen that you run across a not so honest one. There is a so-called watchdog. It is a website where you can find reviews, charts and recommendations of most online casinos on the web. portal brings you reviews only on long-term certified fair casinos and thus playing in all casinos on the portal brings you the certainty of a fair play.

Is online gambling safe?

Like most newcomers, you will certainly be interested in the protection of personal data and the movement of money. For online casinos, it is the same as for Internet banking. The largest and most famous casinos use a similar software security as bank houses do, so you do not have to worry about any misuse of your personal data. The most important thing before registration and transfer of money is to find out whether your selected casino is the right one. This important information can be found at independent rating agencies Sports Book Review (, which maintains a list of internationally proven safe online casinos.

Is the game in online casino / gambling portal fair?

Casinos use of the latest technologies on the field of generating random numbers that even the best croupiers cannot overcome. This makes the online game fairer than in a real casino. Gaming software can get different international awards, which will guarantee absolute credibility. Among the most appreciated are two well-known software from Playtech and Microgamming. In the case of casinos, which use one or the other software is nothing to fear. If you feel that some games are not played fair rules, you can contact customer support of this casino. It usually communicates by mail and the response is usually instant.

Online casinos may not only threaten you by poor security of personal data, but for example also by addiction to online gaming. Some casinos have special features that can prevent it. Thus it protect the health and financial security of its own players. The player sets a limit not only for money but also for time of playing. This system is called SGS (Safe Gaming System). If the limit is exceeded the system does not allow players to transfer more money to the account of the casino. Some casinos check sophistically the age of registered players, persons under 18 years are not allowed to gamble. Casinos are thus relatively safe and if you stick to the established casinos, you have need to worry.

How to pay in online casino?

There is several options how to deposit money into your casino account. Among the simplest includes transferring money from one account to another. If you have internet banking you just enter the amount and the recipient account and you easily convert the money. Nowadays, for most Internet banking account is standard and allows you to perform virtually all banking transactions comfortably and securely from the comfort of your home. Normally it takes 2-3 days. Transfer fees are standard as in other transfers, every bank has it individual. In case of a foreign casino it is unfortunately not so simple to convert money. Transfers to foreign accounts require IBAN is an international bank account number. Unfortunately, not every bank is included in this system. Charges for transfers to international accounts may vary and can be high. In this case it is better to use one of the other conversion options such as credit card or popular online wallet. Every online casino has more options how to deposit money.

Another, already mentioned way, is to have credit card. Most Casino offers deposit by credit card or an embossed debit card. The advantage of this is speed, transfer of your money to the online account is almost immediate. The disadvantage is that some credit cards may not have a credit card payment authorization and you must apply for a permit. Another minus is the transfer fee. Casinos charge that fee itself, it's usually a few percent of the deposit. Then you enter the required information such as the card number, expiration date and three-digit CVV2 / CVC2 code on the back of the card, but also personal data. For this reason, it is the best to first determine the credibility of the company and thereby avoid any risk of abuse.

The last method is called online wallet. It is an increasingly popular method of transferring funds. Not only due to the conversion speed but also low fees, safety and comfort. Among the best-known systems that operate as online wallets Skrill Moneybookers, PaySec, PayPal, PayPay or Neteller. When setting up an electronic wallet, you can use it not only to transfer but also for payments at online stores. Just set up an electronic wallet, the money are transferred to a bank account and then deposit into your online casino account. You can tell that the bank transfer is simpler, but the transfer of the electronic wallet is burdened only with 1% charge of the amount deposited. For bank transfers, it is more.

Withdrawing money from your online account might differ depending on whether you are picking only the deposited money, or money that has already gone through the game. As has been described above is a selection of similar deposits. If you choose money, with which it has been played, it is a free choice. If you are picking only the money invested, withdraw may be charged up to 3% of the amount withdrawn.